Día de la Gastronomía Sostenible
18 de Junio
Sólo por esta semana 10% en Toda la Cocina y Alimentos
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Día del padre Ecológico
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Ecological Virtual Mall!
Now it's easy to live a sustainable lifestyle #TogetherIsBetter
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Tips for Greener Living!
Ecoblock, composting and other environmental issues.

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New Alternatives!

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Paula Barboza
"Thank you so much for what you're doing, I've been trying to change my habits because it's absurd how much trouble and damage plastic causes and now I have a page where I shop."

IG: @pau_b_sparkle
Krissia Araya
"Incidentally I wish you all the best with the online shop, you do an excellent job of informing and raising awareness of the change that needs to be made, may the community grow!"

Emily Fallas
"#TogetherIsBetter. Cheers, for all that is to come, this great project is going to be a Costa Rican revolution in the cultural and environmental aspect, keep growing, here we are the defenders of nature to support you."

Andrea A.
"They really have been one of the best discoveries this year to be able to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle! Initiatives like these, so cool and necessary at this time are the ones we should support!"


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