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Energy Pyramid - Romero y Olibano
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Reusable Shavers
One more alternative for your sustainable personal care, as well as being portable for your travels. Made of aluminum alloy with iron, durable and beautiful.
Herbs - Roses and Olibanum 3
New Handcrafted Herbal Incense
Each blend is handcrafted with carefully selected herbs combined to produce a distinctive aroma you won't find anywhere else.
Facial Cream - Leffas - Buy Without Plastic (1)
New Alternatives Every Week
National and artisanal entrepreneurs. Launch promotions.
Compra Sin Plastico - Ecological Virtual Mall (3)
We are looking for Volunteers
Every request helps in our beach cleanups and reforestation campaigns, join our volunteer team!
Compra Sin Plastico - Green Virtual Mall (1)
Did you already know about the Green Pass?
Subscription with a series of exclusive benefits that will make it easier than ever to consume local, sustainable and national products.

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Krissia Araya
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"Incidentally I wish you all the best with the online shop, you do an excellent job of informing and raising awareness of the change that needs to be made, may the community grow!"

John Smith
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"Thank you so much for what you are doing, I have been trying to change my habits because it is absurd the problems and the damage that plastic causes and now I have a page where to buy."

Emily Fallas
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"#TogetherIsBetter. Cheers, for all that is to come, this great project is going to be a Costa Rican revolution in the cultural and environmental aspect, keep growing, here we are the defenders of nature to support you."

John Smith
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"They have truly been one of the best discoveries this year to be able to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle! Initiatives like these, soooo cool and necessary at this time are the ones we should be supporting!"

Ecological Community: We provide you with the most updated information to live a sustainable life
Volunteering: Join our direct action program to clean beaches, reforest and help the environment in the community.

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