If you want to change the world, you must start with yourself.

Human Change

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Human Change

I've been recycling since I started living on my own and I've had my reusable bottle with me for many years, but it wasn't until I was invited to Barra del Parismina that my conscience awoke in an unimaginable way. Can you imagine visiting a beach and an inlet where you find layers and layers of plastic, then stereophon, then microplastic and other waste?
Many mixed feelings: sadness, helplessness, frustration and these feelings were transformed in a few minutes into 'urgency', into 'action'!

Every piece of waste I collected reminded me of my shopping... drink bottles, deodorant, toothpaste, plastic toothbrushes, shampoo, biscuit packaging, packaging of all kinds, shoes, clothes and the list went on and on....

An awakening about my consumption habits led me to a reflection on the human being that I am. My values were not really aligned with my actions.


My cause was becoming urgent, and the look was inward... I must start. Saving the planet is not my cause, the planet will be fine. It has already evolved and it will evolve again. It is we humans who must grow, evolve, awaken. Many talk about climate change, yet the conversation has to be about #humanchange. And this is my cause, my purpose: more humane, more aware, more sensitive, more compassionate, more loving, more present human beings. Thus is born the GreenHeart Foundation.

We are a group of people who believe in more conscious, more sensitive, more compassionate human beings towards the planet and all its living beings. We want this message of change to spread not only through social networks or beach clean-ups, but also through education and our consumption habits.

Are you with us?

Today I want to invite you to join the #humanchange, which starts with looking inward... who am I? What is my purpose? How am I contributing to leave this world better than I found it? How can I be more human, more sensitive? Are my actions aligned with my values?

Start today... smiling at the stranger, forgiving, forgiving yourself,... and being a conscious consumer, doing your best to reduce the amount of waste you generate.

Soon I will share more... on how to initiate and sustain this human change in your life and in the lives of others.

A hug, peace and lots of love to all!

Lily Cabezas

Lily Cabezas

I am Lily Cabezas, co-founder of GreenHeart Foundation, project and change management manager, and translator. My love and passion for nature has turned me into an environmental activist, and has led me to a major change in my lifestyle.

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